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Advanced Housekeeping

Grow & develop your Housekeeping knowledge

About this course:

This IAMI GUEST recognised intensive online Housekeeping course (GUEST U8) provides in depth knowledge of the advanced aspects of Housekeeping and organisation skills required for the maintenance and smooth running of the guest interior. 

There is a thorough review of housekeeping basics, followed by more advanced theory on the care and maintenance of surfaces and fabrics. Focus is also given to anticipating guest needs, time management and the importance of attention to detail in the Housekeeping department, as well as developing organisational skills needed for the smooth running of the interior.  

The assignments and assessments are done in a variety of formats including research projects, video assignments and photo projects. You receive personalised 1-1 feedback on your assignments and exercises. You work at your own pace and it usually requires approximately 4-5 hours of self-study per module. All assignments must be completed and must meet the required standard in order to qualify for the IAMI GUEST certificate.

What will you learn:

The course is divided as follows:

Mandatory pre-assignment

(Must be Passed to proceed)

Module 1: Self-study & Exercises

Followed by a one-to-one Zoom call (30-40 minutes) 

Module 2: Self-study & Exercises

Followed by a one-to-one Zoom call (30-40 minutes) 

Prior to being accepted onto the program, there is a telephone interview where we discuss your current level of experience and why you feel this is the right course for you.

The IAMI GUEST online Advanced Housekeeping course is a great way to consolidate your knowledge and gain valuable tips and advice that you can put into practise immediately.

Training Style:


Course pre-requisites:

Minimum one season’s experience

Course investment:


Certification upon completion: