KDW Training

Personalised 1 – 1 Training

Focusing on you when it’s needed most

Focusing on your individual needs and helping to build confidence in a safe, friendly environment: this is the aim of our personalised 1-1 training.  These sessions have proved particularly valuable to Chief Stewardesses for example who are moving up into the position for the first time or who would like to gain more confidence in their role.  

We have also worked 1-1 with Head Housekeepers who have just been promoted to the role of Head Housekeeper and need guidance in how to organise their team, inventories etc.  These 1-1 classes really allow us to focus on precisely what the individual needs and provide a ‘safe’ environment to ask all those tricky questions they may not be so comfortable asking in a group or that they feel they should already know.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and what you feel you would like to work on.