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Advanced Service

Grow & develop your Silver Service skills

About this course:

The IAMI GUEST Advanced Service training course (GUEST U5) is a well-rounded program offering both theoretical and practical insight into different aspects of service. The course entails a full overview of the various service styles used onboard as well as looking at Russian service, buffet service and BBQ. There are two live practical lunches where you will be working with a chef and serving guests, dealing with real-time situations and challenges. Practical assessment is based on a combination of service styles including Silver service, Plated service and Synchronised service as well as overall ability. The emphasis is very much on practical (learning by doing).

Practical modules also include fileting cooked fish and caviar service. Table decorating, napkin folding and etiquette are also covered. We look at menu knowledge, in particular French terminology and go in depth on a full range of luxury items such as truffles, chocolates, types of breads, pasta, cheeses, cuts of meat and many others. It is an intense course with a great balance of theory and practical. 

What will you learn:

Prior to being accepted onto the program, there is a telephone interview where we discuss your current level of experience and why you feel this is the right course for you. It is recommended that candidates complete the Yacht Interior Administration course (GUEST U34) prior to taking this module however, if this U34 has not been completed, there is a small pre-assignment that needs to be submitted and passed before joining the class. 

If you feel that it is time to develop your service skills, especially your Silver service, then this action-packed three-day program is for you.

Training Style:


Time Commitment:

3 Days

Minimum requirements:

One season’s experience

Course investment:


Certification upon completion:

IAMI GUEST certificate

Please note: Classroom-based courses require a minimum of three students in order to go ahead.