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Valet Services

Grow & develop your valet skills and knowledge

About this course:

The IAMI GUEST Valet services program (GUEST U9) provides an insight into the importance of the relationship between the employer/guest and the valet as well as key skills required in this role. Focus is given to applying efficient valet services such as handling guest clothing and accessories, suitcase packing, unpacking and wardrobe management.  Ironing and pressing of guest clothing, shoe care, understanding the correct attire for occasions and how to tie a bowtie are just some of the topics covered in this informative, hands-on course.

What will you learn:

It is recommended that candidates complete the Yacht Interior Administration course (GUEST U34) prior to taking this module however, if this U34 has not been completed, there is a small pre-assignment that needs to be submitted and passed before joining the class. 

The IAMI GUEST Valet services course is a great way to develop key skills and techniques that will enhance the guest experience onboard. 

Training Style:


Time Commitment:

2 Days

Course pre-requisites:

Minimum one season’s experience

Course investment:


Certification upon completion:


Please note: Classroom-based courses require a minimum of two students in order to go ahead.