KDW Training

Yacht Interior Administration

Develop & fine-tune your administration skills

About this course:

The shoreside Yacht Interior Administration course (GUEST U34) is an interactive class-room based program that provides an in-depth look at all the aspects and skills required for the smooth running of the Interior from an Administrative perspective. We also work on building confidence and developing a good mindset towards the challenges faced in a senior role onboard. Whether you are stepping up for the first time into a senior role or just want to make sure that you are doing things in the most productive and effective manner, this course is for you. 

What will you learn:

Prior to being accepted onto the program, there is a telephone interview where we discuss your current level of experience and why you feel this is the right course for you.

There is also a mandatory pre-assignment that needs to be passed before you join the class. All assignments done during the day must be completed and must meet the required standard in order to qualify for the IAMI GUEST certificate. You will be guided through the process each step of the way.

If you feel that it is time to develop your administrative skills in a classroom environment, then this course is for you.

Training Style:


Time Commitment:

1 Day

Minimum requirements:

One season’s experience

Course investment:


Certification upon completion:

IAMI GUEST certificate

Please note: Classroom-based courses require a minimum of three students in order to go ahead.