KDW Training

Introduction to Food & Beverage Service

Introduction to Food & Beverage Service Create a solid foundation in service skills About this course: If you are looking to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Food & Beverage service onboard, then the Basic Food Service course (GUEST U2) is the right one for you.  An action-packed day of theory and practical […]

Advanced Service Training

Advanced Service Grow & develop your Silver Service skills About this course: The IAMI GUEST Advanced Service training course (GUEST U5) is a well-rounded program offering both theoretical and practical insight into different aspects of service. The course entails a full overview of the various service styles used onboard as well as looking at Russian […]

Chief Stewardess/ Senior Stewardess Course

Yacht stewardess training

Yacht Stewardess Training Chief Stewardess/Senior Stewardess Course About this course: It’s time to step up and fine-tune your skills. This five-day programme is aimed at individuals who have worked in senior positions onboard for at least two seasons who are looking to consolidate their knowledge base and potentially build valuable new skills to help them become […]

Cigar Service Training

Cigar Service Grow & develop your cigar knowledge About this course: This IAMI GUEST accredited introduction into the world of cigars (GUEST U6) offers a sound theoretical and practical foundation into all aspects of this often-misunderstood luxury item. The insights gained allow candidates to know how to handle cigars confidently and take correct care of them. Understanding […]

Advanced Housekeeping

Advanced Housekeeping Grow & develop your Housekeeping knowledge About this course: This IAMI GUEST Advanced Housekeeping one-day training program (GUEST U8) looks at the advanced aspects of Housekeeping and organisation skills required for the maintenance and smooth running of the guest Interior. There is a thorough review of Housekeeping basics, followed by more advanced theory […]

Yacht Interior Administration

Yacht Interior Administration Develop & fine-tune your administration skills About this course: The shoreside Yacht Interior Administration course (GUEST U34) is an interactive class-room based program that provides an in-depth look at all the aspects and skills required for the smooth running of the Interior from an Administrative perspective. We also work on building confidence […]

Advanced Laundry

Advanced Laundry Grow & develop your laundry skills and knowledge About this course: The IAMI GUEST accredited Advanced Laundry one-day program (GUEST U7) provides invaluable tips, guidelines and practical training on how to apply and manage efficient laundry services onboard. Attention is also given to the organisation of the laundry, inventories and laundry manual. We look at […]

Valet Services

Valet Services Grow & develop your valet skills and knowledge About this course: The IAMI GUEST Valet services program (GUEST U9) provides an insight into the importance of the relationship between the employer/guest and the valet as well as key skills required in this role. Focus is given to applying efficient valet services such as handling […]

Advanced Table Decorations

Advanced Table Decorations Non – GUEST About this course: This fun and interactive one-day program focuses on inspiring creativity and perfecting the finer details of table decorating to create the ‘WOW Factor’ for guests. What will you learn: Basic concepts of symmetry and design Principles of colour, creating colour pallets Optimization of items customarily used […]


Floristry Non – GUEST About this course: This great one-day programme is designed to take the mystery out of flower arranging by providing, simple, easy to follow steps for creating beautiful arrangements onboard. Whether you are working as a sole stew and have to do it all yourself or if you part of a larger team […]